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Thankyou for your message to confirm a yard booking. please ask the yard members to submit their own service requests in the relevant zone within 3 working days.

Yard with multiple rug owners:

Where possible, please all agree one collection day. 

Please also agree one person to be main spokesperson/organiser for that yard.  The " organiser" will receive 5.00 off their own order for being our Chief at the yard. Thankyou! 

Submit those details through the contact us page here or emails us details at [email protected]

(for example: Hi - my name is Mary Smith and I am from High Pastures Livery HG4 xxx. I will be collating a rug collection from our yard. There could be up to 10 individual people submitting their orders for a collection on or around the 10th February. Thankyou my contact details are attached)

 No rugs will be returned to any customers on that yard if all payments are not paid in full before the proposed delivery date. This is applicable across all Zones.

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